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Established in 1986, Aloe Vera Industries provides Contract Manufacturing Services, for the Therapeutic, Cosmetic and Health Care Industries. Specializing in the production of Liquids, Gels, Lotions, Creams and Ointments, we can package your product into an assortment of bottles, tubes and jars suitable for any application or end-use.

Where to find us

Our facility is located in the once light industrial area of Loganholme, which has seen phenomenal growth over the last twenty years. Now a busy location for businesses of all sorts, it is situated just off the M1 motorway (Pacific Highway), about half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Check out our contact page here for directions if you would like to pay us a visit.


Aloe Vera Industries has grown from 2 employess working only 2 days per week in a single room (1992), to the bustling office, laboratory and factory environment of today. We now employ over 48 staff and occupy two adjacent buildings & a warehouse and have big plans for future growth in the coming years.


Making the Product

AVI has a diverse range of skills and experience and pride ourselves in being able to review the detail of the project at hand from all aspects.

We offer a range of services complimenting our manufacturing skills, to support customers from the earliest stages of conceptualising their business.

Each project will include many elements, some of which may be outside of what we concentrate on in-house. For these, we know who to call and who the most appropriate expert is. Our supply partners are a very important part of our business

We are able to manufacture an incredibly diverse range of products both in form as well as application.

Capacity & capabilities

Our facilities are equipped to manufacture and package a wide range of batch sizes in a diverse array of packaging combinations. Whilst we specialise in 'less-more-often', we are also quite capable of large long runs.

Our aim is to work and plan together with our customers to meet the various requirements in an efficient and timely manner.


Placing a real emphasis on quality, standards compliance and effective research to meet our customers needs, we think you'll find us approachable, reliable and your first and only choice for all your contract manufacturing requirements.

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